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Pokemon Spawns View
13Weedle Weedle Shiny78 View
14Kakuna Kakuna15 View
15Beedrill Beedrill3 View
16Pidgey Pidgey Shiny59 View
17Pidgeotto Pidgeotto69 View
18Pidgeot Pidgeot30 View
19Rattata Rattata Shiny43 View
20Raticate Raticate60 View
21Spearow Spearow Shiny1 View
25Pikachu Pikachu Shiny80 View
26Raichu Raichu42 View
27Sandshrew Sandshrew Shiny80 View
28Sandslash Sandslash73 View
29Nidoran Nidoran♀ Shiny58 View
30Nidorina Nidorina69 View
31Nidoqueen Nidoqueen5 View
32Nidoran Nidoran♂ Shiny79 View
33Nidorino Nidorino65 View
34Nidoking Nidoking6 View
35Clefairy Clefairy52 View
36Clefable Clefable35 View
37Vulpix Vulpix Shiny60 View
38Ninetales Ninetales95 View
41Zubat Zubat Shiny53 View
42Golbat Golbat49 View
48Venonat Venonat Shiny38 View
49Venomoth Venomoth18 View
52Meowth Meowth Shiny57 View
53Persian Persian60 View
54Psyduck Psyduck Shiny44 View
55Golduck Golduck23 View
58Growlithe Growlithe Shiny61 View
59Arcanine Arcanine2 View
74Geodude Geodude Shiny75 View
75Graveler Graveler8 View
79Slowpoke Slowpoke Shiny35 View
80Slowbro Slowbro12 View
81Magnemite Magnemite Shiny76 View
82Magneton Magneton47 View
84Doduo Doduo Shiny80 View
85Dodrio Dodrio10 View
90Shellder Shellder Shiny2 View
92Gastly Gastly Shiny41 View
93Haunter Haunter30 View
94Gengar Gengar7 View
95Onix Onix Shiny15 View
98Krabby Krabby Shiny36 View
99Kingler Kingler2 View
100Voltorb Voltorb Shiny60 View
104Cubone Cubone Shiny34 View
105Marowak Marowak3 View
108Lickitung Lickitung Shiny79 View
109Koffing Koffing Shiny63 View
110Weezing Weezing86 View
111Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Shiny64 View
112Rhydon Rhydon9 View
113Chansey Chansey Shiny24 View
118Goldeen Goldeen Shiny32 View
119Seaking Seaking18 View
123Scyther Scyther Shiny44 View
124Jynx Jynx35 View
126Magmar Magmar3 View
128Tauros Tauros Shiny32 View
133Eevee Eevee Shiny58 View
134Vaporeon Vaporeon37 View
135Jolteon Jolteon43 View
136Flareon Flareon49 View
143Snorlax Snorlax Shiny27 View
152Chikorita Chikorita Shiny70 View
153Bayleef Bayleef63 View
154Meganium Meganium20 View
155Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Shiny80 View
156Quilava Quilava60 View
157Typhlosion Typhlosion23 View
158Totodile Totodile Shiny76 View
159Croconaw Croconaw80 View
160Feraligatr Feraligatr33 View
161Sentret Sentret Shiny1 View
163Hoothoot Hoothoot63 View
164Noctowl Noctowl25 View
167Spinarak Spinarak47 View
168Ariados Ariados27 View
169Crobat Crobat19 View
170Chinchou Chinchou Shiny60 View
171Lanturn Lanturn79 View
176Togetic Togetic71 View
179Mareep Mareep Shiny69 View
180Flaaffy Flaaffy59 View
181Ampharos Ampharos17 View
185Sudowoodo Sudowoodo31 View
190Aipom Aipom Shiny59 View
194Wooper Wooper80 View
195Quagsire Quagsire88 View
196Espeon Espeon60 View
197Umbreon Umbreon57 View
200Misdreavus Misdreavus Shiny29 View
203Girafarig Girafarig74 View
204Pineco Pineco Shiny59 View
205Forretress Forretress27 View
207Gligar Gligar Shiny30 View
211Qwilfish Qwilfish Shiny1 View
216Teddiursa Teddiursa Shiny89 View
217Ursaring Ursaring25 View
218Slugma Slugma64 View
219Magcargo Magcargo7 View
220Swinub Swinub Shiny78 View
221Piloswine Piloswine61 View
222Corsola Corsola30 View
228Houndour Houndour Shiny66 View
234Stantler Stantler Shiny60 View
237Hitmontop Hitmontop60 View
242Blissey Blissey30 View
246Larvitar Larvitar Shiny4 View
247Pupitar Pupitar1 View
261Poochyena Poochyena Shiny74 View
262Mightyena Mightyena68 View
263Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Shiny78 View
265Wurmple Wurmple Shiny78 View
273Seedot Seedot Shiny59 View
274Nuzleaf Nuzleaf80 View
275Shiftry Shiftry79 View
278Wingull Wingull Shiny83 View
279Pelipper Pelipper61 View
280Ralts Ralts Shiny72 View
281Kirlia Kirlia39 View
282Gardevoir Gardevoir19 View
285Shroomish Shroomish80 View
286Breloom Breloom59 View
287Slakoth Slakoth Shiny70 View
288Vigoroth Vigoroth33 View
289Slaking Slaking11 View
296Makuhita Makuhita Shiny70 View
297Hariyama Hariyama72 View
300Skitty Skitty Shiny1 View
302Sableye Sableye Shiny17 View
304Aron Aron Shiny82 View
305Lairon Lairon40 View
306Aggron Aggron11 View
307Meditite Meditite Shiny77 View
308Medicham Medicham17 View
309Electrike Electrike Shiny57 View
310Manectric Manectric35 View
314Illumise Illumise Shiny30 View
316Gulpin Gulpin80 View
317Swalot Swalot35 View
318Carvanha Carvanha Shiny40 View
319Sharpedo Sharpedo7 View
328Trapinch Trapinch Shiny53 View
329Vibrava Vibrava7 View
330Flygon Flygon1 View
332Cacturne Cacturne1 View
333Swablu Swablu Shiny60 View
335Zangoose Zangoose Shiny35 View
336Seviper Seviper Shiny35 View
337Lunatone Lunatone Shiny39 View
338Solrock Solrock Shiny40 View
339Barboach Barboach Shiny54 View
340Whiscash Whiscash18 View
343Baltoy Baltoy Shiny28 View
344Claydol Claydol5 View
345Lileep Lileep Shiny38 View
346Cradily Cradily4 View
347Anorith Anorith Shiny58 View
348Armaldo Armaldo7 View
353Shuppet Shuppet Shiny32 View
354Banette Banette34 View
358Chimecho Chimecho Shiny1 View
359Absol Absol Shiny7 View
371Bagon Bagon Shiny55 View
372Shelgon Shelgon24 View
373Salamence Salamence4 View
374Beldum Beldum Shiny74 View
375Metang Metang31 View
376Metagross Metagross12 View
396Starly Starly60 View
397Staravia Staravia43 View
398Staraptor Staraptor20 View
421Cherrim Cherrim60 View
422Shellos Shellos53 View
426Drifblim Drifblim1 View
427Buneary Buneary Shiny57 View
428Lopunny Lopunny44 View
431Glameow Glameow Shiny60 View
432Purugly Purugly66 View
434Stunky Stunky61 View
435Skuntank Skuntank11 View
453Croagunk Croagunk Shiny58 View
454Toxicroak Toxicroak48 View
456Finneon Finneon57 View
457Lumineon Lumineon17 View
506Lillipup Lillipup Shiny71 View
507Herdier Herdier60 View
511Pansage Pansage30 View
515Panpour Panpour30 View
519Pidove Pidove Shiny79 View
520Tranquill Tranquill60 View
524Roggenrola Roggenrola Shiny71 View
525Boldore Boldore1 View
527Woobat Woobat Shiny59 View
529Drilbur Drilbur56 View
538Throh Throh Shiny40 View
539Sawk Sawk Shiny34 View
543Venipede Venipede31 View
544Whirlipede Whirlipede14 View
548Petilil Petilil39 View
550Basculin Basculin34 View
554Darumaka Darumaka59 View
557Dwebble Dwebble Shiny80 View
559Scraggy Scraggy79 View
570Zorua Zorua3 View
574Gothita Gothita45 View
580Ducklett Ducklett79 View
585Deerling Deerling86 View
588Karrablast Karrablast49 View
590Foongus Foongus59 View
592Frillish Frillish66 View
594Alomomola Alomomola Shiny8 View
602Tynamo Tynamo47 View
603Eelektrik Eelektrik50 View
605Elgyem Elgyem30 View
613Cubchoo Cubchoo Shiny63 View
616Shelmet Shelmet61 View
618Stunfisk Stunfisk93 View
622Golett Golett8 View
626Bouffalant Bouffalant40 View
627Rufflet Rufflet Shiny28 View
631Heatmor Heatmor Shiny11 View
632Durant Durant Shiny30 View
661Fletchling Fletchling Shiny62 View
662Fletchinder Fletchinder26 View
667Litleo Litleo72 View
714Noibat Noibat25 View
Pokemon Spawns View

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