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Live Pokemon Coordinates

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Pokemon Spawns View
1Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Shiny33 View
4Charmander Charmander Shiny53 View
7Squirtle Squirtle Shiny50 View
8Wartortle Wartortle1 View
10Caterpie Caterpie Shiny53 View
11Metapod Metapod3 View
13Weedle Weedle42 View
14Kakuna Kakuna1 View
16Pidgey Pidgey Shiny46 View
17Pidgeotto Pidgeotto7 View
19Rattata Rattata Shiny43 View
20Raticate Raticate2 View
21Spearow Spearow30 View
22Fearow Fearow1 View
23Ekans Ekans Shiny33 View
25Pikachu Pikachu Shiny14 View
26Raichu Raichu1 View
27Sandshrew Sandshrew Shiny5 View
29Nidoran Nidoran♀ Shiny47 View
30Nidorina Nidorina1 View
32Nidoran Nidoran♂ Shiny63 View
35Clefairy Clefairy14 View
37Vulpix Vulpix15 View
39Jigglypuff Jigglypuff31 View
41Zubat Zubat Shiny40 View
42Golbat Golbat10 View
43Oddish Oddish Shiny32 View
46Paras Paras37 View
47Parasect Parasect1 View
48Venonat Venonat38 View
49Venomoth Venomoth1 View
50Diglett Diglett Shiny10 View
52Meowth Meowth Shiny37 View
54Psyduck Psyduck Shiny35 View
55Golduck Golduck2 View
56Mankey Mankey Shiny35 View
58Growlithe Growlithe Shiny45 View
60Poliwag Poliwag Shiny38 View
63Abra Abra33 View
66Machop Machop Shiny25 View
67Machoke Machoke1 View
69Bellsprout Bellsprout34 View
72Tentacool Tentacool Shiny45 View
74Geodude Geodude Shiny36 View
77Ponyta Ponyta Shiny23 View
78Rapidash Rapidash1 View
79Slowpoke Slowpoke20 View
81Magnemite Magnemite Shiny24 View
84Doduo Doduo11 View
86Seel Seel Shiny23 View
88Grimer Grimer Shiny11 View
90Shellder Shellder Shiny46 View
92Gastly Gastly Shiny71 View
93Haunter Haunter6 View
95Onix Onix Shiny23 View
96Drowzee Drowzee Shiny19 View
98Krabby Krabby Shiny19 View
100Voltorb Voltorb73 View
102Exeggcute Exeggcute32 View
104Cubone Cubone Shiny14 View
107Hitmonchan Hitmonchan2 View
108Lickitung Lickitung Shiny2 View
109Koffing Koffing Shiny41 View
111Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Shiny36 View
113Chansey Chansey Shiny7 View
114Tangela Tangela1 View
115Kangaskhan Kangaskhan Shiny18 View
116Horsea Horsea Shiny36 View
118Goldeen Goldeen30 View
120Staryu Staryu37 View
123Scyther Scyther Shiny12 View
124Jynx Jynx23 View
125Electabuzz Electabuzz18 View
126Magmar Magmar16 View
127Pinsir Pinsir Shiny30 View
128Tauros Tauros Shiny17 View
129Magikarp Magikarp Shiny55 View
131Lapras Lapras Shiny1 View
132Ditto Ditto14 View
133Eevee Eevee Shiny39 View
137Porygon Porygon2 View
138Omanyte Omanyte Shiny22 View
140Kabuto Kabuto Shiny20 View
147Dratini Dratini Shiny3 View
152Chikorita Chikorita Shiny29 View
155Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Shiny34 View
158Totodile Totodile Shiny45 View
161Sentret Sentret Shiny37 View
162Furret Furret4 View
163Hoothoot Hoothoot39 View
165Ledyba Ledyba37 View
167Spinarak Spinarak38 View
168Ariados Ariados1 View
170Chinchou Chinchou34 View
171Lanturn Lanturn1 View
177Natu Natu Shiny39 View
178Xatu Xatu2 View
179Mareep Mareep Shiny17 View
183Marill Marill6 View
184Azumarill Azumarill1 View
185Sudowoodo Sudowoodo Shiny78 View
187Hoppip Hoppip37 View
190Aipom Aipom Shiny57 View
191Sunkern Sunkern Shiny24 View
193Yanma Yanma Shiny45 View
194Wooper Wooper25 View
198Murkrow Murkrow Shiny68 View
200Misdreavus Misdreavus Shiny40 View
202Wobbuffet Wobbuffet20 View
203Girafarig Girafarig17 View
204Pineco Pineco Shiny1 View
206Dunsparce Dunsparce27 View
207Gligar Gligar Shiny5 View
209Snubbull Snubbull Shiny40 View
211Qwilfish Qwilfish12 View
213Shuckle Shuckle Shiny51 View
215Sneasel Sneasel Shiny28 View
216Teddiursa Teddiursa Shiny43 View
218Slugma Slugma30 View
219Magcargo Magcargo6 View
220Swinub Swinub Shiny24 View
222Corsola Corsola6 View
223Remoraid Remoraid41 View
226Mantine Mantine46 View
227Skarmory Skarmory Shiny25 View
228Houndour Houndour Shiny34 View
231Phanpy Phanpy35 View
234Stantler Stantler Shiny21 View
241Miltank Miltank2 View
246Larvitar Larvitar Shiny7 View
252Treecko Treecko Shiny65 View
255Torchic Torchic Shiny58 View
258Mudkip Mudkip Shiny24 View
261Poochyena Poochyena Shiny64 View
262Mightyena Mightyena1 View
263Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Shiny54 View
264Linoone Linoone2 View
265Wurmple Wurmple Shiny37 View
270Lotad Lotad Shiny39 View
271Lombre Lombre7 View
273Seedot Seedot80 View
276Taillow Taillow Shiny34 View
278Wingull Wingull Shiny36 View
280Ralts Ralts Shiny13 View
283Surskit Surskit53 View
284Masquerain Masquerain6 View
285Shroomish Shroomish31 View
287Slakoth Slakoth Shiny1 View
293Whismur Whismur65 View
294Loudred Loudred1 View
296Makuhita Makuhita Shiny42 View
297Hariyama Hariyama1 View
299Nosepass Nosepass47 View
300Skitty Skitty68 View
302Sableye Sableye Shiny46 View
304Aron Aron Shiny51 View
305Lairon Lairon2 View
307Meditite Meditite Shiny39 View
309Electrike Electrike Shiny28 View
310Manectric Manectric1 View
311Plusle Plusle Shiny59 View
312Minun Minun Shiny56 View
313Volbeat Volbeat31 View
314Illumise Illumise1 View
315Roselia Roselia Shiny13 View
316Gulpin Gulpin66 View
318Carvanha Carvanha Shiny46 View
320Wailmer Wailmer Shiny42 View
322Numel Numel49 View
325Spoink Spoink Shiny35 View
328Trapinch Trapinch Shiny9 View
333Swablu Swablu Shiny46 View
335Zangoose Zangoose Shiny7 View
336Seviper Seviper Shiny24 View
339Barboach Barboach Shiny52 View
340Whiscash Whiscash1 View
341Corphish Corphish15 View
343Baltoy Baltoy Shiny35 View
345Lileep Lileep Shiny41 View
347Anorith Anorith Shiny40 View
349Feebas Feebas Shiny8 View
351Castform Castform Shiny76 View
353Shuppet Shuppet Shiny27 View
355Duskull Duskull Shiny25 View
358Chimecho Chimecho1 View
363Spheal Spheal39 View
366Clamperl Clamperl Shiny1 View
370Luvdisc Luvdisc Shiny42 View
371Bagon Bagon Shiny3 View
374Beldum Beldum Shiny2 View
387Turtwig Turtwig Shiny38 View
390Chimchar Chimchar Shiny22 View
393Piplup Piplup Shiny49 View
396Starly Starly58 View
399Bidoof Bidoof40 View
401Kricketot Kricketot59 View
412Burmy Burmy Shiny23 View
415Combee Combee23 View
418Buizel Buizel16 View
421Cherrim Cherrim19 View
422Shellos Shellos33 View
425Drifloon Drifloon Shiny10 View
426Drifblim Drifblim4 View
427Buneary Buneary Shiny57 View
428Lopunny Lopunny1 View
432Purugly Purugly1 View
434Stunky Stunky23 View
436Bronzor Bronzor Shiny1 View
441Chatot Chatot9 View
443Gible Gible Shiny3 View
449Hippopotas Hippopotas Shiny28 View
451Skorupi Skorupi Shiny2 View
453Croagunk Croagunk Shiny112 View
456Finneon Finneon13 View
459Snover Snover Shiny9 View
495Snivy Snivy18 View
498Tepig Tepig25 View
499Pignite Pignite1 View
501Oshawott Oshawott27 View
502Dewott Dewott1 View
504Patrat Patrat Shiny39 View
506Lillipup Lillipup Shiny38 View
507Herdier Herdier4 View
509Purrloin Purrloin28 View
511Pansage Pansage19 View
515Panpour Panpour10 View
519Pidove Pidove78 View
520Tranquill Tranquill1 View
522Blitzle Blitzle12 View
524Roggenrola Roggenrola11 View
529Drilbur Drilbur23 View
531Audino Audino3 View
535Tympole Tympole80 View
538Throh Throh16 View
539Sawk Sawk11 View
543Venipede Venipede35 View
550Basculin Basculin29 View
557Dwebble Dwebble34 View
564Tirtouga Tirtouga1 View
568Trubbish Trubbish15 View
572Minccino Minccino Shiny63 View
574Gothita Gothita4 View
577Solosis Solosis1 View
588Karrablast Karrablast7 View
590Foongus Foongus39 View
595Joltik Joltik5 View
613Cubchoo Cubchoo2 View
616Shelmet Shelmet44 View
618Stunfisk Stunfisk40 View
631Heatmor Heatmor1 View
632Durant Durant2 View
633Deino Deino1 View
Pokemon Spawns View

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