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Live Tier 5 Pokemon GO Raids

Where to find 5-star raids Pokemon GO

Have you been looking for 5-star raids to battle against in Pokemon GO? Our live list of Tier 5 raids will have you battling raid bosses faster than ever! Simply click on the button to be shown the coordinates of the Gym, click to copy the coordinates, and paste them in-game! You will soon be taking on the various level 5 Pokemon GO bosses and filling your Pokedex with mythical and raid-only Pokemon.

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Expires Pokemon Coords
44m 06sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
43m 32sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
43m 00sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
42m 59sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
42m 24sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
42m 19sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
42m 14sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
42m 01sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
41m 41sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
40m 25sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
40m 11sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
39m 48sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
39m 46sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
39m 33sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
39m 26sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
39m 12sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
38m 44sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
38m 39sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
38m 22sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
38m 02sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
37m 44sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
37m 36sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
37m 27sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
37m 07sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
36m 32sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
36m 15sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
36m 11sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
36m 11sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
36m 08sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
35m 41sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
35m 37sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
35m 24sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
35m 22sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
35m 07sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
35m 07sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
34m 49sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
34m 38sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
34m 33sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
34m 29sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
34m 13sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
33m 43sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
33m 43sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
33m 40sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
33m 08sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
33m 08sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
33m 05sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
33m 04sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
32m 54sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
32m 42sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
32m 38sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
32m 25sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
32m 24sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
32m 11sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
32m 03sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
32m 02sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
31m 41sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
31m 17sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
31m 17sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
30m 48sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
30m 32sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
30m 21sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
30m 18sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
30m 17sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
30m 10sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
30m 08sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
30m 04sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
29m 57sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
29m 35sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
29m 30sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
29m 26sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
29m 19sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
29m 01sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
28m 38sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
27m 38sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
27m 35sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
27m 07sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
26m 56sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
26m 36sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
26m 04sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
25m 58sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
25m 47sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
25m 32sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
25m 06sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
24m 55sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
24m 46sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
24m 32sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
24m 26sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
24m 19sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 55sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
23m 52sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 49sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 45sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 30sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 26sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 25sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
23m 23sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 21sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
23m 03sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
22m 55sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
22m 51sLandorus-Incarnate-Forme  Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Premium Premium
Expires Pokemon Coords

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