Pokemon GO GPX Routes

About Pokemon GO GPX Routes

GPX routes are just a list of GPS markers that are used to autowalk your Pokemon Trainer in Pokemon GO! These are great if you're looking for specific areas to play with lots of Pokemon, PokeStops, and Gyms. Using a GPX route in combination with a Gotcha (by Datel) can provide you with massive amounts of XP and Stardust in a short amount of time.

We highly recommend using some of our featured routes (marked with a GPX icon), as they are some of the hottest locations to spoof Pokemon GO at the moment! If you notice that we are missing some information, or have incorrect information, please submit it to us so we can update the route. Do you have a favorite spot that you don't see listed? Contact us and we'll do our best to get it added!

GPX  Varosliget City Park
GPX  New York City #1
GPX  San Francisco Pier 39
GPX  Barcelona
GPX  Chicago #1
Paris Mall
Kyoto #1
Fort Canning Park
London #1
Royal Botanic Garden
New York City #2
Tainan Park
Fisketorvet (Copenhagen Mall)
Rinko Park
Melbourne #1
New York City #3
Tottori Sand Dunes
Kyoto #2
Westfalen Park
London #2
New York City #6
New York City #5
Upper Arlington
Chimei Museum
New York City #4
Kyoto #3
Chicago #2
Melbourne #2

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