Tottori Sand Dunes GPX Route - Tottori Prefecture, Japan

About The Tottori Sand Dunes GPX Route

The Tottori Sand Dunes are a great spot if you're looking for a long GPX route to walk for hours. There are lots of Pokestops and Gyms located on the route itself, so you should have no issue staying stocked up on Pokeballs and other supplies. The long distance of this route is perfect for hatching eggs; being able to almost squeeze in two 10km eggs in one lap (when used in Super Incubators).

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Pokemon GO Tottori Sand Dunes Stats
    • Gym  Gyms On Route:   0
    • Pokestop  Pokestops On Route:   0
    • Lure  Average Lure Uptime:   5%  
    •   Route Total Distance:   11.70 km
    •   Route Walk Time:   01:17:41  
    •   Route Location:   Tottori Prefecture, Japan
    •   Route Popularity:   #29 out of 33
    •   Starting Coords:   35.542468,134.216470

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Pokemon GO Tottori Sand Dunes GPX Map
Tottori Sand Dunes GPX Map

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