Pokemon GO Shiny Rates

About Pokemon Shiny Rates

Wanting to know your odds of finding that shiny Pokemon you've been after? Well, we got you covered! Our list below will show you the current expected odds of getting a shiny of each specific Pokemon. The odds listed are based on our sample size, and should be taken with a grain of salt. You can click on a Pokemon's name to be taken to our Mega Nests list and see where a good spot to hunt them is. If the Pokemon does not appear on the Mega Nest list, then it does not nest and you will need to hunt them down one-by-one.

This list contains data recorded in the last 24 hours and is updated every 5 minutes. Not all shiny-possible Pokemon are shown, only those that we have enough data for at this time.

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Pokemon Shiny Odds Sample Size
Bulbasaur  Bulbasaur 1,0153,045
Squirtle  Squirtle 5633,379
Weedle  Weedle 3795,691
Pidgey  Pidgey 4055,268
Pikachu  Pikachu 1,0274,109
Clefairy  Clefairy 3262,941
Jigglypuff  Jigglypuff 6657,980
Growlithe  Growlithe 281843
Poliwag  Poliwag 8743,497
Machop  Machop 4351,307
Tentacool  Tentacool 4305,163
Grimer  Grimer 1511,208
Gastly  Gastly 434869
Kangaskhan  Kangaskhan 302908
Goldeen  Goldeen 3961,984
Eevee  Eevee 4278,113
Dratini  Dratini 185371
Sentret  Sentret 7343,670
Chinchou  Chinchou 3944,736
Marill  Marill 1,2802,561
Misdreavus  Misdreavus 6198,052
Swinub  Swinub 3991,997
Skarmory  Skarmory 602,954
Stantler  Stantler 5112,559
Treecko  Treecko 515119,560
Torchic  Torchic 516129,729
Mudkip  Mudkip 529200,526
Poochyena  Poochyena 6036,032
Taillow  Taillow 562142,220
Wingull  Wingull 5701,140
Ralts  Ralts 286859
Slakoth  Slakoth 328986
Nincada  Nincada 6317,582
Makuhita  Makuhita 4207,145
Aron  Aron 12337,381
Meditite  Meditite 53671,306
Volbeat  Volbeat 331662
Roselia  Roselia 46171,056
Carvanha  Carvanha 45735,705
Zangoose  Zangoose 470941
Baltoy  Baltoy 50771,512
Beldum  Beldum 52524,693
Turtwig  Turtwig 4714,714
Chimchar  Chimchar 6043,627
Piplup  Piplup 3822,680
Kricketot  Kricketot 5812,324
Burmy  Burmy 3631,452
Drifloon  Drifloon 3791,137
Buneary  Buneary 5154,635
Bronzor  Bronzor 712,204
Snover  Snover 1,3052,611
Woobat  Woobat 5274,222
Yamask  Yamask 157314
Minccino  Minccino 3225,798
Pokemon Shiny Odds Sample Size

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