LIVE Team GO Rocket Invasion Coordinates

About Team GO Rocket Invasions

Trying to unlock all of the shadow and purified Pokemon in your Pokedex? Quickly fill that bad boy up with our list of Team GO Rocket Invasions! Fight your way through waves of Team GO Rocket grunts to obtain shadow Pokemon that you can then purify, increasing the CP and IV of that Pokemon! Purifying a Pokemon will increase it's level to 25, increase it's IVs by 2 in each stat, reduce the amount of Stardust Stardust and Rare Candy Candy needed to power-up by 10%, and teach it a 3-bar normal type move! Make sure to obey the cooldown period between invasions!

This list is updated every 5 minutes so you will always be able to find the invasions you need.

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Encounter Despawn Coordinates
Fighting TypeFighting 5m 04s
Water TypeWater 5m 12s
Fire TypeFire 5m 16s
Poison TypePoison 5m 16s
Poison TypePoison 5m 18s
Dark TypeDark 5m 18s
Ground TypeGround 5m 20s
Psychic TypePsychic 5m 20s
Fighting TypeFighting 5m 22s
Fighting TypeFighting 5m 25s
Fire TypeFire 5m 26s
Dark TypeDark 5m 29s
Poison TypePoison 5m 31s
Grass TypeGrass 5m 33s
Flying TypeFlying 5m 33s
Fire TypeFire 5m 33s
Grass TypeGrass 5m 34s
Dark TypeDark 5m 38s
Flying TypeFlying 5m 49s
Ice TypeIce 5m 50s
Bug TypeBug 5m 57s
Psychic TypePsychic 6m 01s
Psychic TypePsychic 6m 02s
Bug TypeBug 6m 06s
Grass TypeGrass 6m 22s
Water TypeWater 6m 27s
Normal TypeNormal 6m 33s
Rock TypeRock 6m 34s
Flying TypeFlying 6m 36s
Water TypeWater 6m 40s
Normal TypeNormal 6m 40s
Normal TypeNormal 6m 54s
Rock TypeRock 6m 55s
Rock TypeRock 6m 58s
Ground TypeGround 7m 10s
Ice TypeIce 7m 11s
Ground TypeGround 8m 08s
Bug TypeBug 8m 20s
Dragon TypeDragon 9m 16s
Ice TypeIce 10m 35s
Dragon TypeDragon 17m 23s
Dragon TypeDragon 20m 23s
Encounter Despawn Coordinates