How long must I wait to avoid a softban?

The Answer

The time you need to wait between actions is determined by how far away the actions will take place from each other. Your cooldown period does not start until you take an action which marks your location. Once you are "put on cooldown", you will need to wait the required time before you can teleport away and perform an action elsewhere.

Simply follow the chart below and you'll be safe from being softbanned; also, when in doubt about a time, round up to the nearest bracket. That way you'll be extra safe.

Total Distance Waiting Period
1 km 30 seconds
5 km 2 minutes
10 km 6 minutes
25 km 11 minutes
30 km 14 minutes
65 km 22 minutes
81 km 25 minutes
100 km 35 minutes
250 km 45 minutes
500 km 1 hour
750 km 1 hour 20 minutes
1,000 km 1 hour 30 minutes
> 1,500 km 2 hours

To see a full list of what triggers the cooldown period, click here.

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