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Pokémon GO has been around for almost a decade now but it’s still incredibly popular. Allowing trainers to explore the real world in search of rare Pokémon to add to their collections in order to battle in gyms and—best of all—show off. But getting to the top of the Pokémon GO food-chain is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time dedication and resources. Fortunately a lot of the grind can be eased up with PokeCoins. Let’s take a look at what they are and how to get your hands on as many as you can.

What are PokeCoins

PokeCoins are the currency used for in-app purchases within Pokémon GO. You can use them to purchase premium raid passes incubators high-tier pokeballs and loot boxes. In other words PokeCoins are there to make your time with Pokémon GO a little easier speeding up the grind and getting you to the fun parts of the game even faster.

How to get PokeCoins

Beat Gyms

The best way to get PokeCoins in Pokémon GO is to win at Gyms. When you win your Pokémon can be selected to stand and defend the gym for your team. Every 10 minutes you do that you’ll earn one PokeCoin—netting you up to the cap of 50 a day.

Doing this is relatively easy provided you already have a good squad. If you’re lucky you can find undefended gyms owned by your team and simply put your Pokémon on guard. But more likely you’ll have to take part in attacking an opponent’s gym so that you can put your Pokémon up before any of your teammates.

When choosing which Pokémon to defend a gym you want someone with the highest stamina (CP). Things like attack don’t matter so much. You simply want your Pokémon to hold out long enough to time out your opponents. This is why you’ll usually see the same handful of high HP Pokémon defending gyms.

Play the Game

While gyms are the best way to earn PokeCoins within the game there are other methods too. These include a bunch of daily activities such as:

  • Completing daily tasks – Daily challenges reward you with a variety of items these can SOMETIMES include pokecoins. While they are rare these can add up over time.
  • Spinning Pokestops – These landmarks all have a very small chance to give you PokeCoins when spun. Of course this chance is very small but it’s there.
  • Participating in events – Special events over reward bonus PokeCoins to participants so be sure to get involved when you see them.

Buy them Online

While the above methods are all active and require a lot of time effort and dedication from you as a player there are other methods too—simply purchasing PokeCoins online directly. Allowing you to bolster your supply without having to grind out the hours. You can buy Pokemon GO PokeCoins from a number of places—be it the official store or resellers. The latter obviously coming at a more affordable price-point. Of course buying from a third-party can come with its risks—but also its rewards.

Catching ‘em All

At the end of the day Pokémon GO is a huge and long game. PokeCoins help to achieve goals faster seeing you progress through the game far faster than without. Whether you choose to grind for PokeCoins or buy them outright is up to you; but getting your hands on some is sure to turbo-charge your progress in this legendary game.

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