How To Get 15 Free Raid Passes On Special Raid Days

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Every once in a while we will get a special raid day where Niantic gives every Trainer 5 free Raid Passes so that they can all participate in the time-limited occasion. These days are usually held on a Saturday and happens because a new major Pokemon is having it's shiny version released (Lapras, Legendary Beasts, etc). Luckily for us though, we are spoofers! Being able to teleport across the world freely allows us to claim 3x the Raid Passes that we should be able to get. We've detailed all of the steps you'll need to take in order to make sure you receive your fifteen Raid Passes instead of the normal five!

I will be using "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday", and "Monday" in the instructions below. These are usually the days that will line up for these kinds of events. If the raiding day happens to take place on a different day of the week, just follow the same steps but shift the days to work. These instructions assume that the special raid day will be taking place on "Saturday".

  1. DO NOT use the free Raid Pass you receive on "Friday" (the day before the event)!
  2. "Friday" at midnight EST, spoof to Hawaii. 21.306995,-157.856104
  3. After arriving in Hawaii, fully close out of and restart your game.
  4. Wait for a Pokemon to appear in the game. The game now thinks you are in Hawaii where it is still 6 p.m. "Friday" night.
  5. Without closing your game, spoof over to Wellington, New Zealand. -41.28419,174.763232
  6. Do your 1st raid in New Zealand.
    1. After you do your 1st raid, teleport back to Hawaii.
    2. Fully close out of and restart your game.
    3. Click on a Gym with an on-going Raid to get a free Raid Pass (do not spin the Gym).
    4. Teleport back to New Zealand and do a raid.
    5. Repeat these steps until your first set of 5 Raid Passes are gone.
  7. Fully close out of and restart your game once again. The game now marks you in New Zealand on "Sunday".
  8. Do your next 5 raids in New Zealand.
  9. To get the last 5 Raid Passes you will need to wait until it is "Saturday" at 10 a.m. EST.
  10. Once it hits 10 a.m. EST spoof over to Kirabati. 1.987141,-157.477129
  11. Fully close out of and restart your game once again. It now marks you in Kirabati on "Monday".
  12. Without closing the game, travel anywhere that is currently having their special raid time and use your last 5 Raid Passes. Paris is usually a good spot at this time. 48.823682,2.336393

We have not heard any reports of strikes or bans from using this method, but it is risky. It is something that Niantic should be able to detect easily, so only use it on accounts you are willing to risk. We are unsure if Niantic will ever use it as a way to detect spoofers. Use at your own risk.

Credit to Reddit user /u/RealityEyez for the guide.

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