Meltan Box

Time Needed

2 minutes  

Wait Period


Available To


Service Cost

$4.99 USD  

About Our Meltan Box Service
Meltan Box

Not able to find someone local with a Nintendo Switch who can help you get your Mystery Box Mystery Boxes in Pokemon GO? Stop worrying, we can help you out! Our trusted staff will quickly and safely unlock a Mystery Box so you can start catching Meltan Meltans and collecting those candy! Stop wishing you had a Melmetal Melmetal and finally get yourself one! It only takes a couple of minutes to have the service done; and we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

If you would like a member of our staff to unlock a Mystery Box on your Pokemon GO account, please DM an Admin on Discord or send us an email and we'll get back to you real soon! We limit this service to once per user per week so that we can get to everybody in a timely manner. If you would like to pay an entire month's worth (4 Boxes) upfront, then we will knock $2 off the total cost (get a week for free)!

We can only accept payments through PayPal at this time.

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