Why did my EX-Raid Pass disappear?

The Answer

There are two things that can cause your EX-Raid Pass to disappear in Pokemon GO; you either missed the raid time, or the Gym that was hosting the EX-Raid was shut down.

The thing you might have not known was that the time shown on the EX-Raid Pass is for your local time (it goes off of what timezone your phone is set to). It is always a good idea to go to the Gym 30 minutes before the raid begins so that you can check to make sure it is actually "hatching the egg".

The only other reason that cause an EX-Raid Pass to disappear is if the Gym that is hosting the raid is being shut down temporarily, or permanently. This can happen if the physical owners of where the Gym is located requests from Niantic that it be closed for a specific amount of time (such as having an event and not wanting a bunch of people hanging out just playing Pokemon GO). Gyms also get permanently shut-down sometimes, which also causes an EX-Raid Pass to disappear. This is typically caused by a sponsorship running out with that Gym and disappearing from the map entirely.

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